Welcome to an exclusive men’s club Erotic Night Club!

01 150x150 ABOUT EROTIC CLUB EROSExclusive Erotic Club Eros is located near the center of Poprad, in a hotel Gerlach 7 floor. Nearby is the railway and bus stations and only 14 km distant panorama of the High Tatras. Due to its excellent location, discretion with lots of fun and self parking place will be Erotic Club Eros your ideal place for your relaxation, entertainment from the daily rush. Our Erotic Club neer High Tatras offer to use the company of beautiful girls who will have fun with you, sit and pleasant your evening. There is also option of daily services companions that you can use 10:00 to 20:00 hours. Feel free to come and therefore spend your free time, whether alone or with friends, a glass of good quality wines and alcohol, or use our new service daily companions, escort services !!! 5 – 7 girls available every day!! A new begining, new faces, better entertainment. Come and see for yourself! You are welcome! Erotic Club Eros Poprad High Tatras

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